The Mold Growth Treatment Process

Mold growth is a stubborn problem which can be difficult to tackle on your own. The best thing you can do to successfully get rid of the recurring problem of mold growth in your home is to hire the services of a quality service provider.

The remediation process requires several powerful tools, chemicals, and expertise which only a professional worker has. Furthermore, the mold growth treatment also involves several steps which have to be carried out with the utmost attention and caution to ensure that the mold does not come back.

Treatment Process

The treatment process for mold growth primarily involves two main steps. The first step is to repair the water leaks that led to the problem and the second is the cleaning up of areas infected with mold. Here is an overview of a few important steps that are part of the remediation process for mold contamination.

Repairing the Water Leaks

We all know that escalated levels of moisture in our home lead to the problem of mold growth. If we want to effectively treat this problem we must tackle the problem at root level. This means the first thing needed to remediate mold growth is to fix all the water leaks in our house. Dealing with water leaks will ensure the damp conditions in your home are fixed and this will prevent the problem from recurring.

Isolating Contaminated Areas

The next step in the treatment process of mold growth is to close all doors and windows from the contaminated area to the rest of your house. The doorways and hallways from the contaminated areas are also sealed with the use of polyethylene sheeting and duct tape. This is done to isolated infected areas from the rest of the home.

Removing Infected Materials

Once the contaminated areas are isolated, the cleaning process begins. This involves getting rid of all mold-damaged things. The wet and mold-infected things must be discarded in plastic bags which are thick enough to hold them. The bags must be tied up properly and then disposed as regular trash.

Cleaning up Contaminated Areas Thoroughly

After the removal of mold-infected things, all surfaces in the room must be thoroughly cleaned with strong chemicals and a detergent solution. The room must be properly mopped and cleaned with disinfecting solutions to kill any remaining germs.

Drying up the Place to Avoid Future Problems

Once the room has been thoroughly cleaned, do not forget to dry it. Wipe off all surfaces and flooring with a dry cloth and also vacuum the place to make it fully dry. This will complete the remediation process.

Inspect the Area Carefully

The last thing to do is to carefully inspect the area one more time. This is to ensure that the treatment process was successful and there are no traces of mold growth left behind.

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