Subtle Signs of Mold Growth in Your Home

Does your home often experience water damage that you are unable to fix right away? Do you suspect that your home is at higher risks of developing mold because of such damp conditions? Are you secretly afraid that mold growth may have even started in hidden areas of your home? Well don’t worry, we are here to solve that mystery for you.

Is Mold Growth Always Visible?

Mold is not as easy to spot as you might think. It can secretly grow on out-of-sight surfaces which are not always easy to find. This includes places like inside walls or beneath flooring so you don’t find out about the problem until a very late stage.

This is why you need to stay alert and watch out for the subtle signs explained below to get to know before the problem worsens beyond repair.

Your Home Always Smells Stuffy

This is one of the most initial signs that there is a problem of mold growth in your home. No matter where the mold is growing, it will release its toxicity into the air of your home. As a result, your home will start to smell stuffy.

The first way to tackle this problem is to indulge in proper cleaning. If the smell goes away and your home continues smelling clean for days after the drill, then it must have been a false alarm. On the other hand, if the nasty smell returns to your home just after a couple days then it is definitely a sign.

You Are Usually Down With the Flu

Your home is the place you spend most of your time in. If your home has mold growth then its air will be contaminated and this will make you fall sick. Allergic reactions are bound to occur if you continue living without fixing the problem.

 Always being down with the flu is a subtle sign that indicates your home may be contaminated with mold growth. You should call up a company to do a proper inspection of your home just to be sure this is not the reason behind your health problems.

You Have Discolored Walls or Your Wallpaper is Peeling Off 

If your walls suddenly start to show alarming signs like discoloration or other defects then this should be a wake up call for you. Such things are warning signs that excessive moisture is present in your home and moisture is the biggest motivation for mold to enter any home.

Last Few Words

We hope the subtle signed explained above serve to be helpful in recognizing if your home has been contaminated with mold growth. It can be difficult to come to a conclusion on your home and this is why you should call a professional company that specializes in this.

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