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Getting caught up in a fire can be devastating. The economic loss and potential human harm is high and secondary damage post fire incident can add to one’s worries. This is something no one wants to go through. Be it your home or business facility, fire outbreaks are scary and upsetting. Questions that often follow next are what caused the fire and whether fire prevention and safety measures were in place. If not, the regret of not being careful and proactive beforehand can be two-fold.

So, if you want to avoid being in such a situation, what can you do to ensure fire safety measures are in place and working efficiently? STOP Restoration of Spokane has the right tips you can follow with ease. Read ahead to find out what they are.

Be Proactive

This is the first on the list. You want to make sure that you are well aware of any potential fire outbreak source before leaving your home or drifting off to sleep. Check your stoves and ovens and keep an eye (or nose) out for any gas leaks.

Install Efficient Fire Safety Systems

Get certified and reputable fire alarms installed. Make sure they work well and get them checked frequently. Conduct test runs occasionally as well in your home or offices to keep everyone residing or working indoors safe in case of a fire outbreak.

Keep Flammable Items Away

Be sure to keep all flammable products and items away from a fire source. Keep candles away from aerosol cans, curtains, or your wardrobe. Even the slightest spark can set dry, flamable items ablaze, so don’t take candle flames lightly.

Chalk Out a Fire Escape Plan

Discuss a fire escape plan with your family. This is often discussed and tested out in offices, schools, and facilities. Thus, for homes too, planning out a fire exit strategy and plan is important to minimize danger to human life.

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The Bottom Line

Fire outbreaks can happen at any time and anywhere. The fire safety measures and protocols in place may, however, minimize the damage and mitigate economic loss. Thus, it is important to stay proactive and keep your fire alarm systems in check frequently. Keep an eye on kitchen stoves, candles, and the placement of flammable products. Small steps and safety measures such as these can go a long way in ensuring you and your loved ones stay safe.

STOP Restoration of Spokane

In case of any fire damage or cleanup, you can get in touch with STOP Restoration of Spokane. We have over 40 years of experience in this field and have the latest tools and equipment to minimize secondary damage. We can even coordinate and communicate with your insurance company to smooth out the claim process. Trust us, with us present there, your worries will be addressed in no time.

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