Posts from 2021

  • Smoke Damage Repair Process | STOP Restoration of Spokane There is no smell more potent than that of smoke. Especially one that has been left behind after a fire outbreak. It lingers on everything – from your curtains, furniture, and clothes to even your carpets and drywall. The acrid aroma can lead to health problems such as ... Continue Reading
  • Fire Prevention During A Heatwave| STOP Restoration Of Spokane Temperatures in the summer months can reach new heights. It can make life unbearable at times as well. Heat strokes are common in such circumstance, however, there is another aspect that is often overlooked. That is of the increased risk of a fire. High temperatures may ... Continue Reading
  • Mold Remediation Process A mold outbreak is a tough situation to live with. This is especially true if it's in a hard-to-reach place such as your ceiling or basement. If left untreated for long, it can become a health hazard. Skin allergies, breathing problems, and eye infections are a common result ... Continue Reading
  • Water Damage from Sprinklers | Advice from A Local Restoration Company in Washington Water damage from sprinklers can be worse than you might expect. The pressure can leave stains on walls, corrode materials and weaken the structural foundation of your home. If not properly installed or maintained, water sprinklers can release a large amount of water ... Continue Reading