Honesty and Transparency in a Restoration Company

Being the first responders to significant property damage, the job of a restoration company is to repair and restore your house in case of fire damage, flood damage, smoke damage, and mold damage as well as bio hazard cleanup. When it comes to picking a restoration company, honesty and transparency are the keys to success. In this article, we will be teaching you five ways we provide honesty and transparency as a restoration company. So, without further ado, let's begin.

  1. Building Trust

When our team of restoration service providers meets with the homeowners, we start with a pleasant introduction while talking about our professional designation, training, and experience in the field. While doing so, the professionals will discuss with the property owners and users what are some key details that are important to them during the process.

  1. Explaining the Restoration Services to the Property Owner

Our technicians will lead this conversation, saying, "I want to walk you through the restoration process so that you know what to expect." Then explain the restoration process in detail. Being honest and upfront about the restoration service will not only prepare the customers for any surprises but will also make them feel more involved.

Pro-Tip: We take out the time to answer all questions that the customers have. Answering questions is another way to satisfy customers and be fully transparent.

  1. Providing a Clear Scope of Work

A property owner will want to know two things: the extent of the damage and how you are going to repair it. This helps in establishing expectations before the process begins. While we do our utmost to establish what needs to be done, it is important to be aware that it is common to discover more damage than is detectable on the surface once work begins.

Pro-Tip: We make an extra effort to break down and explain any technical jargon in layperson's terms.

  1. Sharing Estimated Cost Breakdown in Detail

Many customers want an estimate of costs before agreeing to work. Our professionals have years of experience and can give their best guess, but as noted above, it is common for the scope of work to expand once work begins. Therefore, we prepare our customers to expect the unexpected, but will do our best to keep them informed as things progress.

  1. Keeping Property Owners in the Loop

The best way to prevent claim disputes and ensure customer satisfaction is to keep the property owner in the loop throughout the restoration process. No matter which restoration service we are providing, we stay in contact with the property owner and keep them updated every step of the way.

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