What Do I Do after the Fire Department Leaves?

Did you know that 80% of US citizens don’t know that small house fires are the most common disaster in America? No matter the scale, a fire can cause an immense amount of damage to your property. If you are dealing with the aftermath of a house fire, you’re probably left wondering, What do I do after the fire department leaves? Keep reading to learn four things you must do after the fire has been extinguished.

  1. Try to Take a Deep Breath

Experiencing a fire can be very overwhelming and extremely stressful. You have just witnessed your lifelong savings burning in front of your eyes. As your mind reels with the reality of what’s happening, you will feel dazed, wondering what to do next. So, take a deep breath and understand that the fire wasn’t in your control, and there’s no point in feeling sad. Instead, fight those negative emotions and start creating a fire restoration plan.

  1. Contact Your Insurance Agent

Fire damage restoration will not only take longer than you think, but you need industry-grade tools, equipment, and techniques to restore your property after a fire. Therefore, you should stay back and contact your insurance agent to claim the loss. While you wait for the insurance company to respond, take pictures of the fire damage, including burned furniture, documents, clothes, and other belongings. This step is crucial as you will need proof to claim the loss.

After arriving at the location and inspecting the fire damage, the insurance company will give you the authorization to get help. While extinguishing a fire, the fire-fighters cut holes inside the walls and break roofs to improve ventilation. The insurance agent will take note of everything to ensure that you get the right value for the damage.

  1. Understand the Corrosive Nature of Smoke and Soot, and look for a Safe Place to Stay

While the insurance agent inspects your property, contact your relatives or friends in order to find a safe and sound place to stay. Smoke, soot, and ash are toxic materials that can be lethal to you when consumed directly. Smoke and soot can also cause permanent staining, discoloration, and etching which can only be removed with the help of professional techniques and equipment.

Note that fire damage can be cumulative. This means that even if the fire was not too spread out and everything seems to be functioning properly, a fire brings along structural damage, water damage, and even mold damage.

  1. Hire the Best Fire Restoration Company in Spokane

Once you get authorization from your insurance company, contact the professionals at STOP Restoration of Spokane and let them know your situation. They will immediately dispatch a response team to assess fire damage and secure windows, doors, and other openings on your property. They will use industry-grade equipment and techniques to clean your property and improve the air quality through proper ventilation. The professionals will work tirelessly to get your life back to normal. 5092608166">Contact us today!