A Few Things About Mold

A few things about Mold

STOP Restoration Fort Worth is a state licensed mold remediation contractor located in Fort Worth Texas (682-703-0213) and we have a few words to say about mold. Mold has been present with us since the beginning of time, in fact mold contamination is even discussed in the book of Leviticus Ch 14:33-53. (https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Leviticus+14%3A33-53&version=NIV) Mold is not something new that just became an issue in the last 100 years, mold is everywhere and since it is everywhere it also finds its way into every home and building. Mold in and of itself is not a major concern at the concentrations it is normally found in the outside air. There are also over 2000 different varieties of mold while none of them are good at elevated levels, some are much more dangerous than others and the same concentration of mold spores in a building will affect different people in different ways and some may not be affected at all.

When it comes to mold there is no accurate way to determine which mold you have or how dangerous it is without having a trained professional take the appropriate air samples and having it analyzed by a qualified laboratory. Some homeowners look for “Black” mold to determine if it is dangerous or not, I will reiterate that all mold can have adverse health effects and many molds are at some point in their development Black in color. The name for one of the most often mentioned “Black” molds is Stachybotrys chartarum https://moldpedia.com/black-mold-stachybotrys.

A word about using bleach to clean mold

Bleach is not a product that should be used to treat mold contamination, simply put it does not work well to kill mold on porous surfaces. It can kill mold on nonporous surfaces like glass or tile however mold will spread its roots deep into porous surfaces where bleach will not reach. When used on porous surfaces like wood or sheetrock it will kill the mold located on the surface however the mold will often amplify and become visible again after a few weeks. The EPA and OSHA both recommend against using Chlorine bleach for mold remediation, porous mold contaminated items must be removed. https://iaq.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/211432878-Should-I-use-bleach-to-clean-up-mold- It is worth mentioning that even dead mold spores can cause adverse health effects, mold spores living or dead must be removed. STOP Restoration Fort Worth is a state licensed mold remediation contractor and can address any mold remediation needs you may have.

When cleaning mold in a home or office it is vitally important to use the appropriate safety equipment, without the proper equipment like containment, negative air scrubbers, HEPA filters and PPE it is very easy if not likely to spread the contamination to parts of the building that were not initially affected thereby making the contamination worse and ultimately more expensive to remediate.

STOP Restoration Fort Worth employs Texas State Licensed and trained staff to perform mold remediation services. We pride ourselves on providing a timely pain free and efficent mold remediation service to our customers, whether you are self paying or have an insurance claim we will provide you with timely feedback, information and service. STOP Restoration Fort Worth is available 24 hours per day 7 days a week we to address your fire, flood or mold needs, we can be reached at 682.703.0213