Types of Water Damage

Water damage can take up different shapes and forms. It is useful to acquaint yourself with the different types of water damage so you don’t overlook any signs, timely recognize them and take remedial and restorative action. Furthermore, some types of water damage may be more hazardous than the others and may even expose you or your family to certain health hazards. Therefore it is to be aware of the different types of water damage to respond accordingly.  Below are some of the basic types of water damage.

Category one

This takes place when the water invading your house is clean water. This usually happens when a pipe has burst, or there is a faucet that is leaking or when your washing machine or some other appliance malfunctions and leaks water. Moreover, the rain water may also at times seep into your property through the roofs or the windows. The water is clean in all of these scenarios of water damage. The damage control is comparatively simpler and straightforward as there are no bacteria microbes that you would need to worry about in any of these cases. Category one damage may pose substantial health hazard only when the area is left unattended and not dried up and cleaned for a long time after.  This would invite mold and fungus to consume it. It is Important that you immediately acquire restorative services if the water has been standing for 24 hours or if the area was carpeted or had drywalls that would make is saturated.

Category two

This one is slightly hazardous as the water in this scenario cannot be classified as clean as was the case with category one. The water here has been used once as is that overflowing from a washing machine and contains the microbes or bacteria. Therefore, it is grimy and slightly polluted. This could be because of the source of the water for example a washing machine or a toilet or sink over flowing. This could also result from neglect. For example, if the initially clean water was left unattended for too long, it will turn into gray water.

This type of water damage requires that you take necessary precaution while engaging in restorative work and trying to mitigate the damage. For example gloves and boots should be worn to avoid skin contact with contaminated water.

Category three

This is the worst and most severe type of water damage. The water damage from natural disasters such as floods or that from major sewage damage is termed “category three” damage. It carries harmful diseases, bacteria, toxic waste, chemicals, pesticides, and more. Acquiring professional restoration services is the best course of action in any such scenario as you don’t want to expose yourself to any of the bacterial diseases or toxic chemicals these category three waters may carry. The restoration service providers have the necessary machinery and equipment to best deal with such an occurrence.

To sum it all up, the clean, gray and black water are the three fundamental types of water damage that exist. If your residential or commercial property in Fort Worth, Texas, is ever exposed to the aforementioned types of water damage, STOP is just a call away. Call 682.703.0213 and acquire our professional water damage restoration services in no time.