Things You Need to Know Before Hiring Mold Remediation Services

Mold removal can be a tricky business, so it’s best left to the professionals. Considering you may not have the proper equipment at your disposal for mold removal or the proper knowledge to correctly gauge the extent of damage; you could end up costing yourself more than if you had hired professional services to begin with. However, hiring professional services can be tricky still as the industry is filled with misinformation and fraudulent claims that you must be wary of. Therefore, there are certain things you must know before you hire professional mold remediation services. The best way to do so is to equip yourself with the maximum amount of information on the subject so you can make the right decision.

Do I Need to Test for Mold?

Mold Assessment Consultants have the requisite scientific knowledge to assess if the property really requires mold remediation work. The state of Texas requires that licensed mold consultants inspect the property before mold remediation process can begin and provide a remediation protocol to the mold remediation contractors. The mold remediation contractors are required to closely follow the remediation protocol provided by the licensed mold consultants.

How Expensive Can I Expect Mold Removal to Be?

As a general rule, the price will vary with the size of the area that is affected. Typically, any considerable mold remediation work in Texas can be expected to cost at least $2500 and can add up to tens of thousands of dollars depending upon the scale of the job. But understand that mold remediation professionals are skilled and licensed, similar to an electrician, and should be expected to be paid more than a general handyman. Therefore an unusually low price should also raise red flags for you as there are companies that don’t follow appropriate protocols (such as worker’s insurance) who are able to charge really low prices. However, if the price seems too high, it is always a good idea to get multiple quotes from different service providers.

Expectations from a Decent Mold Remediation Professional

True professionals should be able to explain your mold problem to you fully and lay out the plan in front of you to counter it effectively. They will come equipped with all the safety gear that is required for the job, such as a high-quality respirators and a protective suit.

Another thing you can expect is that experts will seal off the affected area with 6 mil thick fire resistant polyethylene sheets. This is a preventive measure to stop mold spores from spreading to other parts of your property. Furthermore, you can expect them to be carrying industrial strength equipment such as scrubbers, vacuums, dehumidifiers, etc.

These can include HEPA air scrubbers, commercial-strength dehumidifiers, and HEPA vacuums, among others. You can’t expect your average handyman to have such equipment, as these devices are expensive and take a skilled professional to operate.

At the end of the day, this mold remediation service guide should be kept in mind when looking for a mold remediation service. If your residential or commercial property in Fort Worth, Texas, is ever exposed to mold damage, STOP is just a call away. Call 682-703-0213 and acquire our professional mold remediation services in no time and at fair rates.