Fresh & Clean

Let’s talk about cleaning for a minute. Not many people enjoy doing it, especially when things are really dirty. A great example would be after your house has had water damage, fire damage, or even when a car drives through the front of your home. No one gets excited about cleaning up a mess of that level. Luckily for you, STOP Restoration is willing to jump at the opportunity to help you get cleaned up. STOP Restoration has trained crews of people that understand how important it is to get your home cleaned up as if your Grandmother were coming over.

First of all, STOP has a department that specializes in cleaning personal contents. This means that when you have fire or smoke damage, or a large water loss, we can inventory, pack up, and clean all of your belongings, or contents. We have technicians who are trained to pack and clean all of your belongings from your bathroom drawers to your kitchen cabinets. We pack them with the utmost care and bring them back to our facility where our cleaning technicians then clean each item individually and repack them. We store them in secured vaults until the residence is completed and ready for the contents to be returned.

Speaking of the residence being ready, we do what we can while the job is still in progress to minimize the amount of construction debris and dust that is left in your home. One way we do that is we contain the areas that are affected. We use tension polls, tape, rolls of plastic, and a zipper to separate the work zone from the rest of the house to prevent the debris and dust from traveling to areas that were not affected by water damage, or whatever may have been the source of the problem. We also will mask off the unaffected flooring for a few different reasons. Often we will use a thin plastic sheet to protect the floors from the dirt that may occur from the work needed on your property. Other times we will use Ram board, a form of sturdy cardboard to protect any nice flooring from getting scratched or damaged if we have to move out appliances or when there will be a lot of traffic of carrying bags of debris to the truck.

Lastly, when we wrap up a job whether it be a mitigation or a reconstruction job, we make sure we leave the residence free of debris and dust from the work that was performed. We do our best throughout the job to keep it as clean as possible however it is important for us to do one final clean to ensure that the affected area is left as clean as possible.

We at STOP Restoration believe that leaving the damaged areas as clean as possible is simply the most professional and respectable thing to do for our customers. Understanding the importance of cleanliness is crucial when it comes to the basics of our company. We do our best to keep our offices cleaned, our vehicles clean, and especially our customers’ homes. We want our customers to know that when they hire us that they will be happy when we leave and their home will be clean.