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  • Prepare For The Worst With Fall rolling in and the weather taking a turn for the worse in many areas, we think it is important to talk about storm preparedness. Each area of the United States experiences different types of weather and different types of storms. The northern states often see a lot ... Continue Reading
  • Fresh & Clean Let’s talk about cleaning for a minute. Not many people enjoy doing it, especially when things are really dirty. A great example would be after your house has had water damage, fire damage, or even when a car drives through the front of your home. No one gets excited about ... Continue Reading
  • Raining Downstairs When you are in the industry STOP Restoration is you learn about all the dos and don’ts that can cause catastrophic events to occur in your home or business. Leaving the dryer on when you are gone or forgetting to shut off your barbeque are just a couple of examples. What ... Continue Reading
  • Insurance 101 Many people do not understand what their insurance is doing for them. They know they need it, they know they have to pay for it, but they often do not fully understand what they are getting for their money. The hope is that they will not need to use it, so a thorough ... Continue Reading
  • Silver Lining Any sort of damage to your house can be stressful, and sometimes saddening. Water damage and fire damage can affect more of your home than you think possible. However, many individuals start to see the silver lining when things go wrong at home. Many times when there is some ... Continue Reading
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