STOP of Spokane, WA is a Jack of all Trades… and Master of all too!

Fire damage is more than just the damage caused by heat and flames. Fire damage includes water damage, mold damage, and smoke damage. Luckily, STOP Restoration is ready to begin work any time of day or night. Fire, smoke, water and mold don’t care what time of day it is; neither do we. STOP of Spokane, WA is here to serve.

The main task of the fire department is to locate and extinguish fire. Water is highly effective at putting out fires, but can cause additional water damage to contents and property. High relative humidity and saturated materials create a perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. This may lead to a mold problem if mitigation work is not begun immediately.

As materials burn and produce smoke, acidic gasses are spread throughout the structure. These gasses can cause damage ranging from mild discoloration of plastics to permanent etching and corrosion of glass and metal. Acidic smoke is dispersed in the air throughout an entire structure and coats every single surface. Our specially trained fire damage restoration technicians conduct a thorough and complete cleaning to your home or commercial property. We utilize various methods to clean and restore every surface in your home.

STOP Restoration of Spokane, WA is well equipped to handle all aspects of fire damage restoration. Our specially trained technicians will pack out, inventory, and clean the contents of your home or business. After cleaning, the contents are stored until the structure is finished.

By Brian Clark