Common Problems that Come with Mold Growth

While mold growth can be a great cause of concern, many people do not know of all the problems that come with it. Most people are only concerned about the damage it does to the interior design of their homes. However, there are many more serious problems associated with it. In this article, we will discuss the other less apparent problems that come with the unwanted mold growth in your home.

Mold Causes a Nasty Smell

Besides the awful stains mold growth can create on the walls of your home, it also causes an unpleasant smell. This damp stuffy smell is highly unpleasant and will get your guests leaving your house sooner rather than later. It also causes irritation.

Mold Causes Itchy and Watery Eyes

Every person’s sensitivity to mold growth differs but most people will experience irritation in their eyes. Some people’s eyes will get watery and itchy after being in this environment for some time.

Mold Creates Harmful Substances in the Air

Mold growth creates a number of substances which are harmful for humans. These substances are allergens, irritants, and mycotoxins which are toxic substances nobody should be constantly exposed to. Living in a house with mold growth surely pollutes the air we breathe in it. This leads to multiple problems.

The reaction to the toxic air depends on a person’s immune system. Some people might have an extreme reaction while others may become immune to it. Asthma patients can experience severe breathing problems due to mold growth. According to CDC, mold growth triggers their asthma problems. It can also give people an itchy nose, an itchy throat, make them sneeze constantly. 

Exposure to Mold Can Cause Severe Headaches

Exposure to toxic air in an environment with mold growth can lead to severe headaches. Some people are more sensitive to toxic air than others. Such people will experience constant severe headaches which is a clear sign that their health is being affected.

Mold Growth Can Cause Infections

Weaker people like cancer patients who have gone through chemotherapy can easily develop infections due the toxicity of mold growth. This can make them even weaker and create further complications in their treatment.

Furthermore, people who have certain blood disorders can face fatal complications by constantly being in an environment with mold growth.

Connection to Respiratory Tract Symptoms

According to a study in 2004, the IOM concluded that there is sufficient evidence to connect exposure to damp environments to upper respiratory tract symptoms. There was even enough evidence to suggest that exposure to damp conditions is linked to respiratory illness in otherwise healthy children.

The Bottom Line

The problems discussed above are serious and should not be ignored. Your health and safety always come first. Make sure to contact the STOP Restoration to fix problems of mold growth for you. We provide quality services in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Cheney, Airway Heights, and Deer Park. Call us at (509) 818-7744 and safeguard yourself against all these problems!