Posts from August, 2019

  • Can Water Damage Cause Mold Growth? What is Mold? Mold is a certain type of fungus. It can grow indoors under warm and moist conditions. It needs organic surfaces to regenerate quickly. Once it reproduces, it spreads its spores in the air throughout the room very easily. As a result, it spreads all across a ... Continue Reading
  • How to Ensure that Mold Doesn’t Come Back after Treatment There is nothing more frustrating in the world than the same problem happening to you over and over again. Imagine over-speeding on a certain road every morning and then getting a speed ticket by the same cop. Every. Single. Day. How annoying would that be? Similarly, ... Continue Reading
  • Common Problems that Come with Mold Growth While mold growth can be a great cause of concern, many people do not know of all the problems that come with it. Most people are only concerned about the damage it does to the interior design of their homes. However, there are many more serious problems associated with it. ... Continue Reading
  • How Fast Does Mold Growth Ruin a Room? What Causes Mold Growth? An excess amount of water in any room can usually cause mold to grow in it. The water can be from an extreme case of water damage due to flooding or even something as small as a roof leak. It only takes a few inches of water or even extremely high ... Continue Reading