How to Ensure that Mold Doesn’t Come Back after Treatment

There is nothing more frustrating in the world than the same problem happening to you over and over again.

Imagine over-speeding on a certain road every morning and then getting a speed ticket by the same cop. Every. Single. Day.

How annoying would that be?

 Similarly, treating mold growth multiple times only to find it grow in the same spot leaves one hopeless.

 Mold growth is a common problem that keeps recurring. Once it enters a place, it is very difficult to get rid of it permanently. This is why treating mold growth can be quite a task and preventing it from coming back after treatment is an even bigger challenge.

We hope the following tips in this article help you find a permanent solution for mold growth. 

1.Contact Trained Service Providers 

Many people think they can easily get rid of mold growth on their own. They buy costly dangerous chemicals and spray them all over their house in hopes of treating the problem permanently. However, they are disappointed to see mold growth reappear only in a matter of days.

This mold reappears because they do not do a detailed inspection. Mold growth is usually latched onto the surface much deeper than they can see. If it’s growing on a wall, it might be due to a pipe leak inside the wall. This is why it is more cost effective and smart to call  STOP Restoration.

A trained technician from STOP Restoration will have all the necessary tools and experience to do a detailed inspection of the property. They will not simply spay chemicals on the surface to give you a quick fix. Instead, they find out the root cause of the problem and fix that.

This way the source of the problem is eliminated which stops it from happening again. The result is a permanent fix to the returning problem of mold growth.

2.Paint Your Home after the Treatment

Normal paints are organic in nature. This makes walls a perfect surface for mold to feed on. To ensure that the mold does not come back after treatment, you should repaint your house. This time choose anti-mold and anti-condensation paint just to be careful. This simple preventive measure will make sure even if mold enters your home, it will not find the right conditions to grow easily.

3.Keep Your Home Clean and Dry

Once you have finally gotten rid of the mold, it is up to you to maintain your home. The required treatment and necessary interior changes can only do so much. Ultimately, you must take out time and monitor the cleanliness and well-being of your home. It is your responsibility to protect your home and family from such problems.

You should make sure you keep your home dry, clean and ventilated to avoid any troubles in the future.

If you are looking for a service provider to give you quality services for a one-time fix, STOP Restoration  should be your first pick! We will fix your problems once and for all!  We provide the best services in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Cheney, Airway Heights, and Deer Park. You can call on 509-818-7744 to book an appointment urgently.