The Dangers of Water Damage– Why You Must Not Ignore Wet Ceilings

The Dangers of Water Damage– Why You Must Not Ignore Wet Ceilings

Home repairs and maintenance can be costly. That is why many homeowners tend to put it on the backburner. While the repair of some of these damages can wait, there are others which cannot be overlooked. In fact, ignoring them can lead to major catastrophes. Damages do not only cost you a lot in repairs but are also a major safety hazard.

Wet ceilings are one such issue. Water damage to your ceiling can cause water to accumulate there. Your and your family's health and safety is highly compromised. Therefore, experts suggest that you never ignore signs of water damage to your ceilings. If you see bubbling paint, mold growth or any other signs of water damage to your ceiling, then you must call experts right away.

Prolonging repairs of wet ceilings is simply calling for trouble. Here are some dangers of water damage that you are living with if you have a wet ceiling in your house.

1.Growth of Mold

Wet ceilings mean the presence of too much moisture in your house. It will become a breeding ground for mold. Black mold can start to grow very quickly if your ceiling remains wet constantly. It can then spread throughout the structure of your house, which can lead to serious health issues. A number of acute health issues may be triggered in addition to asthma and other allergic reactions. You will also always be greeted by a rancid smell every time you enter your house.


Another serious concern of living with wet ceiling is that it can cause serious fires. There is electrical wiring going through your ceiling. If water remains present there all the time, it can easily come in contact with the electrical wires. Short-circuiting is a common result that can lead to serious fires that can quickly spread. If you don’t want to run the risk of a potential house fire, then you must call a water damage restoration company right away to fix the water damage to your ceilings.

3.Structural Damage

Water is the biggest enemy of your house’s foundation. It can seep from the wet ceiling into the walls, and the structure. This can weaken the foundation that will result in the depreciation of the value of your house. Furthermore, a weak foundation can cause some serious structural issues to the home.

Therefore, it is suggested that you call experts to come and find the cause of the water damage and fix the wet ceiling. In addition to the ceiling, they will also look for other signs of water damage and can fix them as well. 

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