What Is a Part of Water Damage Assessment?

Water damage is one of the most terrible events which can occur in a home. It not only causes inconvenience but if not handled in time, it can lead to serious structural damage in your home along with damage to your belongings.

 Assess Water Damage in Your Home

If water damage occurs in your home, it is not a DIY task. You need to seek services of a professional to clean up the water. But before the actual work begins, you need a full assessment of the damage. Water damage assessments gives an understanding of the extent of damage done by water. A detailed understanding of the extent of damage caused by water will speed up the insurance claims process. This in turn will allow the professionals to start the restoration process and help you and your family get back to your routine life as soon as possible.

A water damage assessment includes two major elements.

An Assessment of the Structural Damage

A professional water damage restoration company will start assessing the structural damage caused by water. This includes a detailed inspection of the all areas that may be affected both inside and outside of the home. Often these include the roof, walls, windows and areas in the yard. Once the exterior of the house is thoroughly inspected, professionals will assess the interior of the house for damage. They usually inspect from the top to bottom. Starting from the attic, water damage restoration professionals have a detailed inspection of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, stairs and finally the basement. This includes inspection of the ceilings, walls, doors and all the plumbing fixtures installed in the house.

An Assessment of Damage to Personal Belongings

Once the assessment of the structure is done, the professionals from water damage restoration company will evaluate the damage to your personal belongings. They can do this by preparing a list of items which are damaged by water. They can also take visuals of the appliances, furniture, carpets and other household items damaged by water. A list and photographs or any other type of visual evidence will help facilitate the insurance process.

Conducting a Water Damage Assessment

If your house has been damaged by water, it is a good idea to contact the professionals at STOP Restoration, Stop Restoration for a water damage assessment. We have been in the industry for over four decades and have the right expertise to accurately assess any type of water damage. With the relevant training and right equipment, our staff can help you get back to your routine life quickly. We offer services in all of Spokane County including Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Cheney, Airway Heights, Mead and Deer Park.

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