Why Immediate Water Damage Repair Is Important | Advice From A Local Restoration Company In Spokane

Have you just experienced a water sewage backup in your bathroom or facility? Has the recent rain water flooded your basement or garage? If so, how did you extract and dry out the water? Using tools and equipment you have at home may have cleaned up the water damage you can easily see, however, there is one aspect which you may have missed out. That is of drying out all moisture and drying out the space affected. Is there water trapped under your floor? Are the studs behind the drywall wet? This step is often overlooked by many and is the root cause of several problems going forward. Some of them are menacing enough to lead to economic loss and even health issues.

So, before you get down to cleaning up the damage from water yourself on an urgent basis, what should you keep in mind? Well, read ahead to find out. These tips and safety protocols come from a local restoration and repair service in Spokane – STOP Restoration.

Resulting Issues

Here are some of the things that you should be wary of when it comes to immediate action against water damage in your home or facility.

  1. Mold Outbreak

This is the first on the list. Improper extraction and drying can create a conducive environment for fungus and mold to thrive. Skin allergies, eye irritations, and breathing problems are common drawbacks. Mold can even eat away at the wood and drywall of your structure.

  1. Structural damage to your property

Water seepage can also damage and rot your subflooring and drywall, leading to a weakening of the structural integrity of your home or facility.

  1. Waterborne diseases

Grey or black water if left standing is a petri dish for diseases and bacteria. If left unchecked this can become a health hazard for you and your loved ones.

So, What Should You Do?

Therefore, to prevent any of the unwanted circumstances mentioned above, it is important to get in touch with a professional restoration service. They have industry-grade equipment such as air movers, dehumidifiers, and submersible water pumps that leave no trace of water behind.

If you’re in Spokane then there is one such restoration company that is renowned for its water extraction and drying services. STOP Restoration of Spokane has over 40 years of experience in the industry. We also offer other restoration services, such as fire and smoke damage cleanup, mold remediation, and biohazard cleanup.

The Bottom Line

Water extraction and drying is a complex and intensive process. It requires skill and the right tools and experts. Without it mold outbreaks are highly likely. This is something that you don’t want! So, before you gear up to do the extraction yourself, reconsider calling in the professionals. They even offer free inspections!

So, pick up your phone and call STOP Restoration of Spokane at (509) 818-7744 for any water damage emergency. Our team will arrive within minutes and put your worries at ease.

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