Smoke Damage Repair Process | STOP Restoration of Spokane

There is no smell more potent than that of smoke. Especially one that has been left behind after a fire outbreak. It lingers on everything – from your curtains, furniture, and clothes to even your carpets and drywall. The acrid aroma can lead to health problems such as breathing problems and headaches. You definitely don’t want this. In addition, the odor is a constant reminder of the traumatic incident of the fire outbreak as well. In a situation such as this, clearing out the damage incurred from the fire and smoke along with eliminating any reminder is reallysomething you want done as soon as possible. So, who should you contact? STOP Restoration of Spokane of course!

Here is a breakdown of how STOP Restoration of Spokane gets the process of smoke damage repair done in half the time and at a fair cost.

We Arrive at Your Facility

Our team of experts is fully vetted and trained when it comes to smoke damage repair. They will arrive at your home or facility with just one phone call and inspect the damage. A detailed plan of action will also be provided before starting the process.

We Complete the Repair Process in Half the Time

We use state-of-the-art tools and industry-grade equipment to clean up the damage and remove the potent smell. Salvageable materials are transferred to a safe location to prevent secondary damage. We also board up your home or facility if needed to keep it safe from animals, vandals, and thieves.

We Provide Additional Services

Our services also extend to coordination with your insurance company to smooth out the claim process. We seek to ease your burden and worries. In addition, we restore and clean the contents of the affected areas and provide a list of contents to you and your insurance company of items that could not be salvaged.

Why Us?

STOP Restoration of Spokane has over 40 years of experience in the industry. Our services are renowned for being professional, quick, and efficient. Try us out for yourself and see the difference!

In addition, we also provide services for water damage, mold remediation, and even biohazard cleanup. There is no service that we turn down at STOP Restoration of Spokane. Our customer loyalty and retention speaks for themselves - click here to read some of our client reviews.

The Final Verdict

So, now that you know where to go and who to rely on, you might want to act fast in case of a smoke damage repair. Call us at (509) 818-7744 and we will arrive at your doorstep in no time. We have the industry lead time of arrival – this is what sets us apart from the rest.

If you have any further queries, you can drop us a message here. Our team will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. You can even browse through our website for other additional services that we offer.