Fire Prevention During A Heatwave| STOP Restoration Of Spokane

Temperatures in the summer months can reach new heights. It can make life unbearable at times as well. Heat strokes are common in such circumstance, however, there is another aspect that is often overlooked. That is of the increased risk of a fire. High temperatures may create the perfect environment for a spark that may grow and become uncontrolable, leading to an outbreak not just in the forest but also in homes and facilities.

So, if you’re residing in an area where fire outbreaks during the summer are common, then you need not worry. Here are a few tips and steps you can follow that can help in fire prevention during a heatwave. They come straight from the pioneers for fire restoration and repair i.e. STOP Restoration of Spokane.

Watch Out for Any Damaged Appliances

Check all your electronic appliances for any faulty or damaged wires and plug heads. Replace them if needed and switch off appliances when not in use. Avoid overloading on your electricity use as well as it may spark a fire. This is the most common cause of a fire outbreak, thus making it a must-follow in order to ensure fire prevention during a heatwave.

Clear Your Garden

Clean out your backyard or garden from any dead leaves, debris, or flammable waste that may catch fire. In addition, recycle any material that can be re-used such as compost or mulch.

Install A Smoke Alarm

Invest in getting a high-quality smoke alarm installed. Periodically keep a check on whether the system is operating as required. Test smoke alarms every few weeks in this regard. A fire extinguisher can also be bought and placed in an easy to reach area in your house in case a fire does break out and required immediate action.

Water Your Lawn

You can also mow your lawn at night when it is cooler and keep your grass short. Make sure your plants and grass are well hydrated during the hot weather as well.

The Final Verdict

So, now that you are well equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to stay safe, get down to following them right away. You want to keep yourself and your family safe from unwanted events going ahead. Fire prevention during a heatwave should be the top priority for you! It is certainly a priority for STOP Restoration of Spokane.

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Be it fire and smoke damage cleanup, water damage repair, or even mold remediation and biohazard cleanup, STOP Restoration of Spokane has got you covered!

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