Spooky Restoration Stories

With Halloween fast approaching, we’ve been collecting scary stories from the restoration world. We hope you enjoy the read!

The Tale of the Possessed Pump

Once upon a dark and stormy night...well, actually it was the middle of the day when this happened, but just go with it. A family was gone for the day, off to work and to school when suddenly malicious forces acted upon the water line fed by a well pump for the family’s home. The pipe burst and the pump (as if possessed) continued to pump water from the well directly onto the opposing wall of the home. As if in a scene from Friday the 13th, the daughter returned home first and alone. You know how you always yell at the characters to not go down into the basement when they hear a strange sound? Well, the only way this story could get any scarier for a homeowner is if our young heroin had NOT gone downstairs, because it was she who discovered almost 3 inches of water flooding their finished basement! She called her mom, who called their insurance agent, who told them to call Service Team of Professionals — Spokane right away! Within minutes the team was scrambled and sent to the scene. After assessing the situation, they calmed the distressed family and got to work drying and mitigating the damage while the plumber performed an exorcism on the pipes so this kind of thing will hopefully never happen again. Thanks to their call to Service Team of Professionals — Spokane, they all lived happily ever after.

The Tale of the Mold Monster

It’s always disturbing on a dark night when you’re all alone to realize you’re not the only thing living and breathing in your home. For that matter, it’s not all that fun in the afternoon, either! Our hero in this story discovered mold when he was cleaning out his coat closet. He called the experts at Service Team of Professionals — Spokane. It was spooky because there was no water anywhere near the closet, so the gang at Service Team of Professionals was on the case! After some investigation, it became clear that the cause was actually down the hall behind the furnace. Apparently, the condensate line was leaking over some time and had spawned the growth which took on a mind of its own, crawling down the inside of the wall to the closet on the other end! Our hero was relieved that he had these experts in his corner as they put up containment and, much like the Ghostbusters with Slimer, bagged up the intruder and removed it safely from the premises.

If you have something spooky invading your home or strange spectres causing you grief, give Service Team of Professionals in Spokane a call. We’ll be there day or night with 24/7 emergency service to help bring your scary woes to a calm and happy ending! Just call (509) 818-7744 and we’ll be there in a flash. Not only can we help with mold and water damage, but also fire, smoke and bio hazard cleanup. You can even send us a message from our website at www.stopspokane.com.