Posts from October, 2021

  • Are You Dealing With Sewage Backup? If That's The Case, Time Is Money! As we get close to Halloween, one scenario that sends shivers down the backs of most homeowners is the thought of a sewage backup in their home. Imagine, if you will, waking up one early morning. It’s still dark out and you still have plenty of sleep in your eyes. You ... Continue Reading
  • Spooky Restoration Stories With Halloween fast approaching, we’ve been collecting scary stories from the restoration world. We hope you enjoy the read! The Tale of the Possessed Pump Once upon a dark and stormy night...well, actually it was the middle of the day when this happened, but just go with ... Continue Reading
  • Downers Grove, IL - Searching for a Local Commercial Restoration Company? Are you searching for a local commercial restoration company? Get in touch with STOP of Downers Grove, IL. There is never a suitable time for fire or water damage to strike your commercial property. Every hour you spend cleaning up and restoring your property is an hour of ... Continue Reading
  • Winter Preparedness: Don’t let the cold weather catch you off Guard You wake up at your normal time to get ready for work and you notice it’s still dark out. You look out the window as you pour your first cup of coffee and you see that you’ll need to get ready a few minutes early so you have time to scrape the frost off your windshield ... Continue Reading