Water Damage Restoration: Why You Should Leave It to the Professionals

Water damage can be dreadful. In fact, it accounts for thousands of dollars of losses every year. What’s worse is that not only can water damage the foundation and structure of your building, but it is also likely that if the damage is of a higher category, you might even get sick due to the contaminated water or subsequent mold contamination, if not serviced properly.

It is also estimated that water damage is up to ten times more common than fire-related damage in households. From corroded metal to mold growth, rotten wood and weakened buildings, the effects of water damage are countless. In rare cases, the damage caused by water can be so severe that a structure must be taken down and rebuilt from the ground up.

Read on to find out some of the signs of water damage along with what you should do about them:

Damp Walls:

One of the easiest ways to detect water damage is noticing moisture on or a generally moist feeling on the walls in your house. If you see the paint bubbling or peeling off at certain spots or notice any discoloration, this is a clear indication that your walls have likely fallen victim to water damage.

Water leakages in walls pose a great safety risk since the water accumulated in your walls can lead to a number of problems, mold proliferation as a start. It is essential to call a professional water damage restoration company like STOP for immediate implementation of a proper structural drying process.

Increased Water Bills

Many people may not realize this but increased water bills can be an indication of a water leakage somewhere in your main water line. A broken line can cause a number of problems. Your basement may be filled with water next time you go there or you may notice that your yard has flooded.

In any case, standing water is dangerous. Calling a professional for structural drying is necessary in this case too, since a layperson can never be sure how much damage has already been done. A professional will not only be equipped with dehumidifiers and professional grade fans, but they will also be able to identify the problem much quicker and ensure that you don’t have to face the problem again.

Spots on your Flooring

Inspect for discoloration on floors, especially hard surface flooring such as tile. This could be the sign of subtle water damage. In most cases, what starts off simply as a few discolored tiles or the faint stench of mold can quickly change into a damaged floor with sub-floor damage. Carpeting will also delaminate if moist too long. Delaminated carpeting is not repairable. Wet floors can carry moisture to other rooms, even to the other side of walls. Water follows gravity and porous materials, so seeping and wicking are always a concern in any water damage situation. Damage can spread elsewhere very fast.

In situations when water causes headaches to you and to your house or building, a professional should be contacted immediately. A properly trained, insured and experienced professional like STOP Restoration in Bakersfield, California will not only be able to complete the drying process, but can also handle the reconstruction as well. All work performed by STOP comes with the best guarantee in the business.

If you live in Bakersfield or Kern County and have noticed any of these signs of water damage in your own house or building, contact us immediately. Be it structural drying or reconstruction, with over 30 years of experience, we’ve got you covered with full service restoration… done right the first time.