Do I Need Professional Water Damage Restoration Services?

STOP Restoration is a full service property restoration company. Bakersfield and surrounding areas have counted on Tom Keene and his Bakersfield, CA STOP Restoration (“STOP”) restoration franchise.

If your home suffers an emergency water damage event, how can you tell whether it’s time to call in the professionals? The difficulty and scope of a water damage event can be a confusing challenge. Stress can make our eyes cloudy and either wishful thinking enters, minimizing the damage that has occurred or emotions can soar and make molehills seem like mountains. Either way, staring at a flooded house can cause most people to underestimate or overestimate the potential damage.

We at STOP want you to know that you can call us for any emergency water damage or fire, smoke, or mold damage that might pop up. And they do pop up in the most unexpected of ways.

A good rule of thumb is, if you wouldn’t drink the water, call for help. Who knows what is actually in the water that invaded your home. Contamination types and levels can vary. Category 2 water is considered “gray.” This includes water from shower or tub drains, and water from a washing machine or dishwasher.

Category 3 water is considered “black.” Yes, that’s as bad as it sounds. It ranges from chemicals and sewage to oil and harmful bacterial. Protect yourself and call STOP Restoration for proper dry out and treatment of all water affected materials. We’ve got the experience, training, and equipment to handle any type of water safely.

The amount of time that has passed can be a serious component of your plan of action. The quantity of water can also help determine whether or not to call in the pros. If the water has been there more than a day, call STOP Restoration in Bakersfield. It doesn’t take much time for bacteria and mold to start growing.

The first thing you’ll probably notice, however, is the smell. Even if there isn’t much water or you “took care of it” a few days ago, you may start to smell a generally stale or bad odor. Our advice: pick up the phone. Likewise, if you come home from work and water is streaming under your doors, call STOP Restoration, whether you are in Bakersfield, Oildale, Rosedale or Arvin, California or anywhere in between. There is no such thing as a job that is too big or too small for us to handle. Call us at (661) 475-6522.

We honestly hope you’ll never have a reason to call us. But should the need present itself, we have the equipment and the expertise to remove the water and then properly dry out everything from the carpet to the walls to the antique sofa. Water damage is already stressful enough – let STOP of Bakersfield handle it and deliver “Restoration …done right the first time.”