Woodridge, IL - Benefits of Hiring us for Mold Inspection / Remediation Services

Did you know that prolonged exposure to mold can impair your lung function and lead to asthma?

Hire STOP of Woodridge, IL, for mold inspection and remediation services.

Damp, dark, and poorly ventilated spaces are the ideal spot for mold growth. If you inhale mold fragments or spores, you can suffer from throat irritation, chest tightness, congestion, wheezing, coughing, and even inflammation in the airways. What's worse is that allergic reactions to mold growth aren't seasonal. Rather, they can occur at literally any time of the year.

If you don't have proper mold remediation training, you need to contact STOP of Woodridge, IL. Performing this task yourself can make you miss out on spots, leading to higher costs and even bigger problems in your property. Here are some more reasons why you need to hire us for mold inspection and remediation services.

1. Looking for Mold Requires Trained and Experienced Professionals

If you are purchasing a new home, you might hire a home inspector to assess the property. Such home inspectors only focus on the structure of the property and mechanical systems. They don't pay attention to the signs that indicate mold growth.

Mold grows very sneakily and is quite tough to spot. An otherwise clean house can easily clear a home inspection test even if mold is present.

2. Mold Is Typically Accompanied With Water Damage

Mold needs moisture to grow and thrive. Thus, the presence of mold indicates that excess moisture is seeping from somewhere. Mold growth is generally associated with a previously undetected water leak, drainage problem, or humidity.

3. Prevent Future Problems

Expert mold inspection reduces the chances of mold spreading to prevent future problems. Thus, you will not have to pay more for expensive products, along with having a repair professional come back for more work.

An expert mold inspector will be able to carefully identify the problem areas and inform you of the ways you can prevent the issue from recurring.

4. Mold Remediation is Quite Exhaustive

Our mold experts will start from the foundation and basement and go right up to the attic.

During a mold inspection, we will take a good look at your mechanical systems, framing components, and other areas. In doing so, we might come across structural problems that go beyond mold growth and will discuss them with you in the final report.

5. Save Money

By working with us for inspection services, you will save lots of money as the bacterial growth won't worsen or spread.

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At STOP of Woodridge, IL, we have over four decades of experience with mold inspections, removal, and remediation. Thus, you can trust us with any type of mold issue.

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