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Witnessing your property and valuables being consumed by burning flames can be one of the most devastating experiences for anyone. But did you know that fire itself isn’t the greatest risk as far as property damage and health dangers are concerned? A fire will only be destructive until its burning. However, the real challenge begins after it is extinguished. If the byproducts of fire such as ashes, soot, and smoke are not dealt with in time, not only will they damage the structure of your property, but the direct exposure to smoke might result in severe breathing issues.

Types of Smoke Damage

Regardless of what object is burned, the smoke will always contain a great percentage of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. The smoke particles can easily seep into furniture, cling to walls, pool throughout the property, damage electronics, grab onto clothing and habitat in the empty ductwork spaces. However, the type and severity of smoke damage depend upon the temperature of the fire, the location of the property, and the characteristics of the fueling material. Listed below are four common types of smoke damage:

  • Dry Smoke: It is usually fuel by wood or paper burning fire at high temperatures. Due to its low-density dry smoke spreads quickly and can easily seep into any porous surface. Moreover, when dry smoke clears off, it leaves a light powdery residue on the impacted surfaces. Even though it is the easiest to clean, the persisting smoky smell can take a while to get rid of.
  • Protein Residue: Although the smoke damage fueled by low heat kitchen fires leaves behind minimal soot, ashes, and smoke, it can permanently discolor all smoke-affected surfaces. If left untreated, the unpleasant and stubborn smoke odor can permeate your entire property.
  • Oil/Fuel: Smoke damage caused by burning petroleum is not very common when dealing with commercial and residential fires. The residue of oil-burning smoke is thick, sticky, and nearly impossible to clean. This type of smoke can easily destroy your furniture, curtains, clothes, and other belongings permanently.
  • Wet Smoke: Low heat burning of rubber and plastic releases wet smoke. The fire usually has a strange smell and leaves behind residues of thick black soot. The dense and sticky smoke particles can easily spread throughout your property.

If you are dealing with any of the aforementioned smoke types, contact our experts at STOP Restoration Chicago West for efficient and reliable smoke cleaning services.

Smoke Damage Cleaning

Smoke damage restoration is a complicated process. Therefore, unless you have the knowledge and equipment required to deal with smoke and soot damage, you should leave it to our STOP Restoration Chicago West experts. With over forty years of experience in the restoration industry, our experts can help you restore your property to its original state. Our highly trained IICRC certified professionals will prioritize your time and help you minimize the damage as much as possible.

Our STOP Restoration Chicago West smoke damage experts will start by identifying all the affected materials and surfaces. They will then develop a custom smoke restoration plan according to your budget and needs. Our professional will start by inspecting your valuables to determine what must be replaced or salvaged. They will then use specialized techniques and industry-grade equipment to remove the smoke odor of ash residue built up. Once your property is smoke-free, our STOP Restoration Chicago West professionals will clean, repair, and restore your property to its former state.

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