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Wondering what to look for in a smoke damage restoration company?

The experts at STOP Restoration Chicago West point out all the qualities of a qualified smoke damage restoration team.

As soon as the fire department is done with their job of putting out a fire, all there’s left is smoke and soot. When a property gets burned, the damage caused by smoke is as severe as the fire itself. Sometimes, smoke damage can last for days, leaving the house occupants with no choice but to call in the experts to save their home from smoke damage.

We are the experts that the residents of Chicago call when they need to have smoke damage taken care of. Our technicians at STOP Restoration of Chicago West can feel the pain you are going through. We prioritize your home restoration to save your house from further damage.

How to Recognize a Qualified Smoke Damage Restoration Technician

When you have lost your home to a fire, you’d be cautious of hiring any random stranger. If you have never heard of STOP Restoration Chicago West before, you’ll want to know what makes us qualified to restore your home after smoke damage. We have been practicing the qualities of a trustworthy technician for the past four decades. These qualities are:

First-Hand Experience

A smoke cleaning service with experience has seen the worst smoke damage, so they understand where to start and how to preserve damaged goods. Our team of professionals has created a process for smoke damage restoration. It works in different kinds of smoke damage clean-up projects. The result is always the safety of the property and its inhabitants. Our experience guides us in preventing further accidents during the restoration process. It is crucial to look for when you are hiring a smoke damage restoration company.

Taking Care of the Wreckage

Before we work on removing the smoke and decontaminating the air, we must remove all the wreckage left behind by the fire. After the fire department's work, we have to remove the water residue and check for structural integrity. There could also be toxic debris or carbon residue that needs to be taken care of before using air pumps and vacuums.

Getting Rid of Smoke

It can be challenging to get rid of the smoke on your own. The smell of burned objects and the suffocating feeling inside the house won’t go away easily. We can get rid of the smoke by using our pro-grade tools and equipment. We have specialized air pumps and vacuums to clear the atmosphere inside the house and make it breathable again. No matter how thick the smoke is, our equipment can remove it.

Disinfecting the House

Smoke damage control is not all about removing smoke. The air is not breathable until we work on disinfecting the place and removing intoxicating smells. We remove the stubborn odors by fumigating your house and removing all the thickness of the air. The process also eliminates any form of airborne contaminants.

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