Time and Temperature are the Enemies in Water Damage and Mold Situations

As clean as we think our homes or office might be, the truth is that mold spores and bacteria are EVERYWHERE! Yes, everywhere, even in Fort Mill, South Carolina it is just part of nature. Mold and bacteria help to break down organic matter. Usually, our cleaning efforts and climate control are enough to keep the mold and bacteria levels in our homes in check.

In the event of water damage, time and temperature are the enemy. Mold and bacterial growth can begin within 72 hours after water is added to the equation. Just like anything else, they need food, water, and the right conditions. Food is easy – drywall, wood, paper, fabric, carpet, carpet pad, cardboard boxes full of junk you just can’t get rid of… the list is endless. A sudden pipe break or a slow leak will both provide more than enough water for mold to start growing. An improperly dried water leak may be just the perfect piece of the puzzle that mold needs.

Temperature is a big factor when it comes to water damage clean up and mold growth. There are many humid months in Rock Hill and most parts of South Carolina. Most varieties of mold can flourish when the temperature is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. What temperature is your thermostat set to? Odds are, your comfortable temperature is great for mold and bacterial growth after a water damage event. Add in time, and this can result in a huge, moldy, stinky mess.

That’s where STOP Restoration comes in. With 24/7 emergency response, you won’t have to wait until Monday, or even tomorrow morning, to start the dry out process. When dry out is started right away, the chances of mold growth are greatly reduced.