Common Causes of Fires

Every homeowner in Fort Mill deserves peace of mind. We should all go to sleep knowing our families are safe.

Here at STOP Carolina we pride ourselves on giving our York County friends the knowledge they need to keep them safe.

According to the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) cooking equipment is the leading cause of home fires in the United States.

The most common causes of fires in our country is cooking equipment, candles, electrical equipment, heating, and smoking.

More than 60% of fire deaths occur because there isn’t a house smoke alarm, or one hasn’t been installed properly. Preparing your family is the key to their safety. Install smoke alarms in every room, outside of every sleeping area, and near the kitchen.

Here are some common causes of house fires, and what you can do to stay safe in Fort Mill:

Cooking Equipment

Appliances like panini presses and crockpots are often the culprit in an electrical fire, like the one on that fated episode of “This Is Us”. As tempting as it may be to uninstall the smoke alarm in the kitchen, we urge you not to! Instead, install it away from the stove so that cooking smoke or steam doesn’t trigger a false alarm. This goes without saying, but monitor what you’re cooking, and never leave the oven or stove unattended. An open flame can catch cooking tools on fire and quickly lose control. Reduce that risk, don’t leave the kitchen while preparing food.

Electrical fires:

Frayed or faulty cords can be a fire hazard as well. That power strip or outlet surge in the living room with 3 gaming systems, an entertainment center, and a lamp plugged into it; FIRE HAZARD! Try not to overload your outlets as this can lead to fires. Faulty or overused appliances can go up in flames with just a few sparks. If you're going away, unplug everything. You’re better safe than sorry!


Pets have a natural curiosity that can lead to danger when left alone around an open flame. Don’t leave your pets alone with a candle burning. For your own safety, and that of your family always blow out candles every time you leave a room and especially before bed. It’s easy to fall asleep with a candle burning. This is why almost half of fires started by candles began in a bedroom. If you need a light by your bed, invest in battery powered flameless lamps!

Heating Mechanisms:

Fires caused by portable heaters spike in the winter months. We love our space heaters but left unattended they can be very dangerous to you and your family. Did you know there should be at least 3 feet between your space heater and the furniture, curtain, and clothes in the room its heating? Rule of thumb: if it’s flammable, keep it away from your portable heater! It's very easy for your little heating system to ignite a household item nearby when left unattended.

While can’t eliminate all potential causes of a house fire, we can take precautions to prevent one.

Smoke alarms are a key part of a home fire escape plan. When there is a fire, smoke spreads fast and it gets dark even quicker. Regularly check your smoke alarms to make sure they’re working. A working smoke alarm will alert your loved ones of a fire so that they can get outside quickly.

Stay safe, Fort Mill!