Posts from 2019

  • Flood Safety: Dealing with Water Damage in Your House Floods can be disastrous for you and your property. Follow the right procedures to avoid any major disasters. Preparation Evacuate the premises when recommended. If you have adequate time to prepare, here are a few things you should take care of before you leave: Disconnect ... Continue Reading
  • Sewer Back-up- Treatment & Restoration Septic back-ups can damage your home, your furniture and your flooring. We at STOP recommend that rather than facing major damage control costs later, you should opt for preventative maintenance. Here are the common causes to look out for: If clogs seem to be a problem, ... Continue Reading
  • Fire & Water Damage: Why Your Insurance Company Wants You to Choose STOP Restoration Fire and water damage can displace you from your home and can upset your life. At STOP restoration, we work for you, the homeowner. We share a great relationship with insurance companies and take the necessary steps to ensure that your claims process is as smooth as ... Continue Reading
  • Water Damage: Why Calling STOP Restoration Should Be Your First Call Water Damage: Why Calling STOP Restoration Should Be Your First Call The slow drip drip drip of the water pipe. The squidgy sound as your foot steps into the drowned carpet. The dull thudding of blood rushing through your forehead. Flooding can wreck your house and your ... Continue Reading