Sewer Back-up- Treatment & Restoration

Septic back-ups can damage your home, your furniture and your flooring. We at STOP recommend that rather than facing major damage control costs later, you should opt for preventative maintenance. Here are the common causes to look out for:

  • If clogs seem to be a problem, permanently unclog your main sewer line. Clogs happen when you try to drain or flush items that don’t belong there. Whether it’s trash, diapers, feminine products or paper towels down the toilet, or grease and extensive garbage down your sink, anything can clog your sewerage system. It doesn’t matter if you have a garbage disposal in your sink- garbage that is too big will still be too big.
  • Avoid planting trees near your septic system. Tree roots are on the constant hunt for water and they’ll do anything to get it, even if it involves crushing and penetrating pipes.
  • If you live in an old house, chances are you also have old pipes which will eventually break overtime.

Here’s what you can do to keep your sewerage clean:

  • If you have a septic system, get it pumped regularly.
  • Be mindful of the weather: heavy rain can cause septic tanks to fill up or saturate your drainage field. Heavy rain can also cause a back-up- every public sewer has a limit of how much water it can take before it backs up.

A number of factors can help determine if you have an issue with your sewer line - the signs may not be as obvious as a sewer back-up or septic water pooling in your yard. It could include signs like sewer odor, slow drains, toilets that won’t flush and odd noises in the pipes.

If you think you have an issue, don’t hesitate and call a plumber now. They’ll help you determine the cause and the best treatment for it. They’ll do a camera inspection to find the problem and also recommend and install equipment to prevent another back-up from happening.

If you do have a septic back-up, call STOP restoration (STOP Restoration). We promise to get your home back to the way it was before the back-up. Not only will we take care of the extraction, drying and cleaning of your contents, we’ll also take care of the drywall, painting and flooring. Just sit back and let us take care of the damage. We can also sanitize your home to protect it from bacteria and viruses that can occur due to water damage. In addition, we provide mold treatment to prevent it from developing.  

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