Trust The Professionals

We all know who to call in a true life threatening emergency-911 of course. Not everyone knows who to call after you have had a fire due to electrical failure, or water running through your house because the sink was left on and overflowed all day. Sure, you will call the fire department to put out the fire. Then, you will probably call your insurance company, who may or may not have a suggestion of companies who you can call to help with your burnt home or water damage, but those companies may or may not be highly reputable. So why not call a company you have heard of, read about, or maybe even talked to already just to be prepared for the “just in case” moments? Put your mind at ease and call the trusted and certified professionals who are experts in dealing with water and fire damage.

STOP Restoration is a 24-hour restoration company that specializes in water damage, fire, smoke, and mold damage. We even help with damages caused by the wind such as trees that have fallen on a home. We will answer the phone day or night to help with any emergency you may be experiencing with your home or business. We will dispatch a crew of trained restoration professionals to arrive in a timely manner ready to assist with whatever the need may be whether it is water damage, fire and smoke, or mold. You don’t have to stress about who is coming to your door as all of our technicians are driving vehicles with our logo and a name tag identifying who they are. We pride ourselves on our professional behavior and our ability to make sure your home is well taken care of. We ensure that we clean up after each visit to make sure that your home maintains livability.

We work closely with most insurance companies to ensure we are doing what is best for you at all times. The process can be confusing and frustrating, however, we have years of experience so we want to help ease the pain of the process by helping you answer all your questions about the process from start to finish. We will walk you through the steps we need to take to ensure we mitigate the damages, as well as the steps needed to get your house back to the home it was originally. Most people pray they do not have a need for a restoration company, but when the circumstances arise, we try to make things move as smoothly as possible with quick response times, thorough communication, and a well-trained, respectable team. Water damage water damage water damage water damage
We are available by phone or email for any questions you might have about how to help prevent these household disasters, or steps you can take to make things easier when they might occur! We are always happy to help!

Call STOP Restoration, (503) 207-0334, 24/7 for any water, fire, smoke, or mold needs.