Posts from April, 2017

  • Let’s Talk About Mold Mold is a word that many people don’t want to hear associated with their home. It is almost a taboo subject. Mold growth is something that can occur when moisture is present for longer than 48 hours. It is especially common when there is poor ventilation. If you notice that ... Continue Reading
  • The Reality of Smoke Damage Fires are one of the most traumatizing events that can happen to homeowners and renters. The unfixable damage to one’s personal property is heartbreaking. You may have a house covered in black soot, however that does not necessarily mean everything ends up in the dumpster. ... Continue Reading
  • Trust The Professionals We all know who to call in a true life threatening emergency-911 of course. Not everyone knows who to call after you have had a fire due to electrical failure, or water running through your house because the sink was left on and overflowed all day. Sure, you will call the ... Continue Reading