Silver Lining

Any sort of damage to your house can be stressful, and sometimes saddening. Water damage and fire damage can affect more of your home than you think possible. However, many individuals start to see the silver lining when things go wrong at home.

Many times when there is some sort of water damage or fire damage in the home, STOP Restoration must remove things such as drywall, insulation, flooring, and even cabinetry. This removal is necessary when things are too wet and become swollen, when they are made of materials that cannot be properly dried, or when mold growth is a concern. When homeowners see their house torn apart it can give a feeling of mixed emotions. A feeling of stress that their home is now ripped apart, and a feeling of excitement that their house is now a blank canvas, and they can choose a different look for their home. Behold the silver lining.

Many folks take the opportunity to make some changes they otherwise might have waited to do. We have had more customers choose to do some sort of remodel or change in materials during their repair phase than we have had customers replace with exactly what they had.

One of our customers took her kitchen fire and decided to remodel the entire upstairs of her home. She had a vision and had been saving for some time, so when the kitchen caught fire, she knew that it was time to do the rest of it. She converted her two smaller bedrooms into one master suite. She took the very tiny, not so masterful master bath and had us convert it into a large beautiful master bathroom suite with a walk-in shower.

There are often homeowners who do not necessarily take it as far as remodeling their entire home. A lot of the time they will take the opportunity to just upgrade the room or area that was affected. For example, one homeowner chose to upgrade from vinyl flooring to tile flooring in their bathroom after their toilet caused water damage to the surrounding areas.

We have had homeowners who have taken the opportunity to change just the basic look of their homes after water damage occurred. Often, we are mitigating kitchens as there is a lot of opportunity for water damage to occur between the sink, dishwasher, garbage disposal and the refrigerator water line. It is common for the water damage to be extensive enough to replace the cabinetry throughout the kitchen. Even when facing the stress of not having a functioning kitchen, the chance to change the face of their kitchen becomes the silver lining. We have had many customers who changed the style of their cabinets or the color of their cabinets which can drastically change the look of their kitchen.

When your home gets hit with a disaster, whether it be water or fire damage, try to remember what good might come from it. Take a look around your house and day dream about what you would change if given the opportunity. There is always a silver lining.