Mold Damage Restoration

Mold Damage Restoration

The STOP Restoration of Albuquerque, NM knows that when a leak goes undetected, it can cause extensive damage to your property. What begins as a small leak can turn into a heavy leak or a bust pipe. Even worse, if water cleanup is not done thoroughly and is not handled in a timely manner, your home or business could end up with mold damage.

Mold develops wherever there is moisture for an extended period of time. Once mold begins to grow in your home, it can be difficult to remove. If the moisture source (like a leak) isn’t repaired, mold will continue to grow back even after removal, which is why it’s important that you investigate any moisture buildup that you come across and contact a professional to repair the issue.

Although an accumulation of mold may seem like something you can clean up yourself, it is a much more difficult and dangerous process than meets the eye. Contact with mold can cause health problems like allergic reactions (sneezing, runny nose, skin rashes and irritated eyes), shortness of breath and the development of asthma, autoimmune diseases and even lung infections or lung disease in people suffering from weakened immune systems.

If you have belongings that have come into contact with water or moisture for an extended period of time, they need to be scrubbed clean with hot water to prevent the development of mold. Porous items like bedding, pillows, padded furniture, rugs and curtains should all be thrown away as they are highly susceptible to developing mold that cannot be removed. When touching anything that may have suffered from mold damage, it is important to wear protective gear. To prevent any mold particles from entering your respiratory system, wear some type of nose and mouth protection, like a facemask. It is also important to wear rubber gloves and some sort of eye protection, along with clothing that can be thrown away afterward.

Mold removal is best left to professionals to ensure that it is handled safely and thoroughly. The experts at STOP restoration of Albuquerque, NM have over 40 years of experience in mold damage restoration and are certified in mold removal services. Our mold removal process ensures a successful outcome for your home.

Our Process

  1. Detect the source of moisture and determine what areas of your property are affected
  2. Prevent contamination from spreading to other areas of the property
  3. Cleanup all moisture 4. Remove all mold and any materials contaminated by mold The professionals at STOP Restoration are available to help take care of your water cleanup and mold damage restoration needs 24/7 and can be reached at (505) 892-3112