Water Damage Threats Inside Your Home

Problems with water heaters and washing machines are the leading cause of water damage in homes and businesses. Staying up to date on replacements and maintenance will help prevent water-related issues. Leaks that go unattended or unnoticed can lead to severe water damage in your home.

Water Heater

You should regularly be checking to make sure that there isn’t any accumulation of moisture or corrosion around your water heater. Water heaters should also be flushed every couple years to ensure that sediment doesn’t accumulate on the tank bottom. In addition, the life expectancy of a water heater is 10 years. Unsure of how old yours is? The date of manufacture is usually listed within the serial number.

Washing Machine

Leaks can occur in your washing machine for a number of reasons. Easy problems to solve are a door that isn’t closing properly and a leak that occurs as a result of overloading your machine. More complicated issues can arise if there is a hole in your water pump or if there is an issue with your machine’s water valve or pressure switch.

Supply Lines

A leak near these appliances could also be coming from their water supply lines. Over time, supply lines on your appliances become loose and leaky simply due to age. It is recommended that you change out your supply lines every eight years, just to be safe, even if it they visually appear to be in decent shape. When you replace large appliances in your home, you should also always be replacing their supply lines as part of the installation process. If you use lines from old appliances, their seals may not fit snugly, which could lead to leaks.

How STOP Restoration Can Help

If your home happens to suffer from a water leak of any sort, the STOP Restoration of Albuquerque, NM are skilled in leak detection and water damage restoration. It is very important that you contact us at the first sign of a leak, so we can save your home from any mold damage. We are available 24/7 for emergency service and can be reached at (505) 892-3112.