How to Remediate Water Damage

We're Here For You And Your Property

At S.T.O.P. Restoration, we know how truly terrifying losing your precious belongings can be, and even though we would like to tell you that this scenario will never happen to you, we can’t unfortunately. However, we can provide you with a few tips and tricks that will help you in case your personal items get damaged by water. 

Don't Let It Sit

First, it is crucially important that you act fast. The faster you can mitigate water damage, the higher the success rate will be. Nobody wants their items to get moldy, so you must remediate the water damage as soon as possible. 

When it comes to photos, books, and vital documents, you have to work with caution since these items are so vulnerable to deterioration. 

Beginning The Process

Carefully remove the photos or files out of the water or mud. Always ensure that you don’t (or barely) touch the front of the photographs. Place the items on a flat surface and carefully tap the water or mud off of the documents. To prevent the ink from smudging, use a paper towel to soak up the rest of the moisture.

Place a fresh paper towel on the photos. When it comes to your books, place a clean paper towel in between every 20 to 50 pages. Make sure you change the paper towels every couple of hours to ensure maximum efficiency.

Always dry your items inside since you do not want to get them dirty or get blown away by the wind. Also, don’t use a blowdryer to dry your photos. Patience is essential when it comes to letting your items air-dry. 

Use What's Around You

Another great tip when it comes to drying your items at a later point in time is to put your belongings in the freezer. We know that this might sound strange, but it can save your items that you can’t dry right away. Just put your things in a zip-top bag, ensure that it is closed, and put them in the freezer. Not only will this ensure that your items won’t curl up, but it will also ensure that they can’t get moldy. 

We're Always Ready

As we come closer to October 31st, we're here to help you with your biggest nightmare: losing your most prized possessions and family photos from water damage. Even though these tips can be lifesavers, they aren’t the safest nor most successful option. When it comes to ensuring that your items won’t deteriorate due to water damage, it is always best to hire the professionals at S.T.O.P. 

The team at S.T.O.P. Restoration won’t let you or your items sink. We’ll safely remediate all your salvageable items. You can count on us to safely bring your possessions back to life. Call us today at (505) 892-3112 to ensure your nightmare won’t become a reality.