Expanding And Contracting Of Pipes

Caring For Your Plumbing This Season

At S.T.O.P. Restoration, one of the most common questions we get from clients is, “Should I be worried about my pipes expanding and contracting?” It’s a reasonable concern, especially during the colder months.

The simple answer is that most pipes, metal or plastic, expand and contract because of temperature changes, like when hot or cold water is running.

It’s normal behavior for pipes to expand and contract without causing any damage, but homeowners should be aware that incorrectly installed pipes can result in serious water damage.

Pipes need enough room to expand and contract with ease, and when improperly installed, they may become warped. The team at S.T.O.P. Restoration Albuquerque recommends having your home pipes inspected annually to avoid this hazard. If you hear any strange rattling noise coming from your plumbing, call us to avoid further water damage to your property.

Checking For Contracting and Expanding Pipes

An immediate sign that lets you know that your pipes are expanding or contracting is a small rattling or bang every time you turn on your hot water.

It’s normal to hear these noises, but take note if the noise gets louder.

If you notice an increase in volume, your pipes might be damaging themselves every time they expand. Taking care of this problem early can help you avoid costly damages and repairs.

What Influences Contracting and Expanding Pipes?

  1. As we mentioned earlier, a huge factor that determines how much your pipes expand and contract depends on the materials. Different materials react differently to thermal expansions. Knowing how certain material reacts to heat is important to know the necessary space between pipes to ensure proper installation.
  2. The length of a pipe is another crucial factor in pipe contraction and expansion. Usually, the longer the pipe is, the more it expands. An easy solution to this problem is utilizing bends and expansion loops to reduce the tension on the piping system.
  3. Finally, the minimum and maximum temperature that pipes experience influences how much they expand. The larger the temperature difference, the more pipes will expand and contract. Controlling water temperature can help reduce the amount of expansion in a plumbing system.

Call Us Whenever You Need Water Damage Restoration

If you have any additional questions about contracting and expanding pipes, contact the experts at S.T.O.P. Restoration. We are happy to answer all your questions and help you prevent damages to your property. You can always count on us for professional advice to keep your property in excellent condition.

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