National Call A Friend Day

December 28th is National Call a Friend Day, which is the perfect day for you to remind your friends that you love them! Christmas decorations have come down, the New Year of 2022 is nearing, and this National Call a Friend Day, you are being reminded to take a few minutes for yourself to have a chat with friends that you have not been in contact with for some time.

Technology has the ability to unite us more than ever before today. So on December 28th, try calling a distant relative or childhood friend to reconnect with. This way you will be able to celebrate the holidays together too! With the introduction of inventions such as the telephone and online messaging, it is now possible to stay in touch with friends and family who live a long way away. You could call someone just to say 'hello' or you could spend the whole day talking with them on the call.

Humans are social beings, and we tend to do best when we foster loving, supportive relationships with others. Whether you're a social butterfly with countless friends in many different circles, or an introvert that's more selective with a hand-picked squad of a few close companions, your interactions with these people greatly impacts your self-esteem and confidence levels. If you find your home or business hit with a disaster, remember to call your friends at STOP Restoration.