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  • Are You Seeing an Increase Of Mold This Monsoon Season? Did you know that Monsoon season in Albuquerque brings more potential damage to your home or business outside of water damage? Well, we are here to tell you that there are definitely some issues to look out for during the Monsoon season due to the increase of moisture in the ... Continue Reading
  • How Monsoon Season And Humidity Can Affect Your Home Monsoon season in Albuquerque generally starts in June and continues until September. These months are often the wettest in New Mexico and can cause all forms of unexpected damage. Did you know that Monsoon season also brings an unexpected form of potential damage through ... Continue Reading
  • The Rainy Season Is Around The Corner! The weather in the United States can be all over the place! We are all lucky to have a roof above our heads that can keep us safe and protected. Did you know that the rainy season is currently right around the corner? Well, it is! And here at STOP Restoration, we see it time ... Continue Reading
  • A Huge Thank You For All Of Your Kindness And Support! Happy Friday everyone! We hope that your week is going well! Over the last couple of months, the STOP Restoration team has been working hard on not only our restoration projects, but also on our fundraising event with Paws and Stripes. We are so happy to announce that the ... Continue Reading
  • Happy National Tech Day Today is our favorite holiday: National Technician Day. It’s about appreciating those who make a difference not only in the Restoration industry, but for those who work to keep us comfortable and safe on a daily basis. We want to show our support to these hardworking ... Continue Reading
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