Happy National Opposite Day

Happy National Opposite Day to everyone out there! Or should we say Bad National Opposite Day to everyone out there? Either way, we’re hoping that you’re having a great day so far and are having fun with this national holiday. Today is a day to focus on cracking silly jokes and having fun, step out of your comfort zone a little bit!

On this national day, we’re encouraging you to allow us to help you out. If you run into any problems with your property, take the initiative and do the opposite of what you might do! If you normally try to fix these kinds of problems yourself, take a step back, and call STOP Restoration instead. We provide a wide array of services and will cater to any needs you may have for any problems you are experiencing in your home. Whether it be water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, or mold remediation, we cover it all so that your property can stay safe and protected. We take action as soon as possible with our 24/7 emergency call, and will restore all of your damage.

Not only do we encourage you to do the opposite of your usual routine if you’re a go-getter and try to fix damages on your own, but we also encourage you to practice good habits instead of bad ones. If you’re the type of person to leave the oven or stove on unattended while cooking, practice doing the opposite and making sure that the stove is either off, or is never left unattended. In your home, fires are started in the kitchen more than any other room within the house. Two out of five of those kitchen fires are started while someone is cooking, and cause a good portion of home fires. Additionally, do the opposite today and practice good habits when it comes to your electrical devices as well! If you’re stuck in the habit of leaving your electrical devices plugged in when not in use, do the opposite and make sure they’re unplugged. When devices are left plugged in and switched on for too long when not in use, it can start an electrical fire.

We hope that you take these tips to mind when it comes to National Opposite Day, and use this day to encourage yourself to stop your bad habits, do the opposite of them, and begin practicing good habits! Either way, if you happen to run into any problems with your home, STOP Restoration is always one call away to help you. Contact us today for a free inspection, or to learn more about all the services we provide!