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  • Tackle sewage issues as soon as you notice them It is important to tackle sewage issues as soon as you notice them, due to the issue of the water containing bacteria and viruses that are detrimental to your health. With the help of STOP Restoration, your sewage issues can be fixed as soon as possible. With our trained ... Continue Reading
  • National Clean Out Your Fridge Day Prepare your home for the upcoming busy holiday season by cleaning out your fridge today, on National Clean Out Your Fridge Day! With all the gatherings and parties your home may be hosting later on, it is important to have a clean, organized refrigerator to store all your ... Continue Reading
  • Lead Exposure is Dangerous Traces of lead can be found in many different areas of your home. Whether it be within the paint on your walls, or the soil in your yard, STOP Restoration is fully equipped and capable of handling and working to dispose of anything with traces of lead within your property. ... Continue Reading
  • Fire Damages Got You Down? Fires are spontaneous and very destructive. If you’re suddenly dealing with fire damage to your property and don’t know where to start, look no further! STOP Restoration can help you come up with a plan after assessing your situation, and will be there to assist you every ... Continue Reading
  • Today Is Voter Registration Day! Today is National Voter Registration Day, which means that today is the day you’re able to register and play a part in the future of our country. Rest assured, our family here at STOP Restoration will definitely be registering to vote and so should you! The fate of our ... Continue Reading
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