Mold Remediation Tips: What to do when you find mold in your home

Mold remediation services by a professional, certified company are needed when you find
mold growth in your home. Mold comes in all shapes and sizes, different colors and texture.
The scale of severity of mold varies, but one thing is for sure, it will not go away on its own.
Once mold is detected in your home it needs to be addressed and remediated as soon as
possible to prevent further mold growth spreading throughout the house. STOP Restoration of
professionals (STOP Restoration Bridgeview) offers complete remediation services 24/7 at
(708) 321-1000.
Now you may be wondering how your home has even succumbed to mold growth in the first
place, right? Well let me tell you! Water entering your home due to a flood or leak and
humidity are mold’s best friend! Here is what needs to be present for mold growth to begin.
Mold spores, moisture, a food source, warmth, darkness, oxygen and time. Under the correct
conditions mold growth can start in just 24-48 hours.
Initial causes of mold growth can start with a foundation crack, a roof leak, condensation on
metal pipes or concrete floors, a flooded basement, poor ventilation in your home and many
more sources that create moisture to enter the environment. At the first visible sign of mold
you should call a professional mold remediation company. When there’s something green and
fuzzy growing on your wall, who you gonna call?! STOP Restoration! (708)
Upon receiving your phone call for mold remediation services, here at STOP Restoration
Bridgeview, we will send a certified mold technician out to inspect the damage. Depending on
the severity of the mold growth we may suggest finding a Certified Industrial Hygienist (also
known as a CIH) to take several mold samples before initially starting the job and also upon
completion of the job. A Certified Industrial Hygienist ensures that your health and safety is the
number one priority. They are a third party company that will provide you with a protocol
based on the sampling that was taken. A protocol tells the remediation company what type of
mold we are dealing with, how high the spore count is compared to outside conditions and
what steps need to be taken to properly remediate the problem. After the job is complete, the
post testing is done in which the results should come back showing that the mold is gone.
According to industry standards in the IICRC S520, if there is more than 10 square feet of
mold, you need to get a certified industrial hygienist involved. We can not stress the
importance of this enough! It is worth the investment to get the sampling done to make sure
the environment in your home is properly re-mediated. We will help guide you to find the right
company when it comes to a CIH. They MUST be certified and able to write a proper protocol.
While doing the remediation in your home, a containment will be set up to contain the area in
which the mold is growing and to prevent the mold spores from traveling in the air into other
parts of the house. Special equipment will be used to dry out the air, bring the moisture levels
down and to keep the mold spores contained while the job is being re-mediated.
If you need any assistance with fixing any type of mold growth issues in your home call Service
Team of Professionals Bridgeview, IL at (708) 321-1000. You may have a few inches of visibleĀ mold or a whole room covered in mold. No job is too big, no job is too small! We service both
residential spaces and commercial buildings in the Chicago land area and surrounding suburbs.