Why Choose STOP Restoration for Your Emergency Water Damage Mitigation Needs

You got water in your basement after a crazy rain fall and your world is turned upside down.
You have a million things running through your mind like how am I going to afford to get the
damage fixed? What valuables might have gotten damaged? Is my insurance company open
at this hour? Who can get out to my home right away to stop the water from coming in?
Where is the water even coming from? Is my house going to grow mold? You immediately
have an emergency on your hands that needs to get sorted out as soon as possible to keep
your damage costs down and to prevent mold growth or structure issues.
When you are in need of emergency water damage mitigation services give STOP Restoration of
Professionals (STOP Restoration Bridgeview) a call at (708) 321-1000. We have a trained team
ready to go 24/7 for any emergency, whether it be water damage, fire/smoke damage or mold
growth. Our company is backed by a national franchise with over 40 years experience in this
industry. There is no job too big or too small that we can’t handle. With STOP Restoration
Bridgeview, the job is done right the first time!
In addition to our trained and certified staff, we have the most up to date technology &
equipment that is used in your home to ensure the most efficient and effective drying process.
We have state of the art meters that can see through your walls which can tell us where the
water source originated from and what is actually wet. Sometimes dry wall appears to be
completely dry, but don’t be fooled, it may actually be pretty wet inside. Here at STOP Restoration
of Professionals Bridgeview, we will not turn your job into anything bigger than it needs to be.
Unfortunately there are many companies who will come into your home and start tearing out
walls or flooring when it is not necessary. We will assess the situation upon arriving at your
home and come up with a game plan to properly dry out your house while keeping your cost as
low as possible.
To make this process as stress free as possible, STOP Restoration Bridgeview works with your
insurance company to work within your policy limits and to get paid in a timely manner. We
send them all of the paper work and data gathered during the duration of the work being done
to dry out your basement that is required for them to cover all or part of the loss based on your
policy limits. We also have financing options available if there is a financial strain on your
family and you need help with payments. We understand that going through a water damage
loss can be a very traumatic situation and we are here to help guide you every step of the way.
You can trust us to get you back to normalcy in no time!
STOP Restoration Bridgeview is a local family run franchise backed with the best
systems in place and national support team! Our number one goal is providing our customers
with a caring, knowledgeable crew to put their life back together after an event such as water
damage in your basement has occurred. STOP Bridgeview serves many Chicagoland suburbs
including Hickory Hills, Palos Hills, Palos Heights, Orland Park, Tinley Park, Mokena, Palos
Park, Oak Lawn, Worth, Bridgeview, and many more! Call us 24/7 at (708) 321-1000.