Downspout causing water damage in your home? We can help!

As a home owner there are a number of things that you could never possibly guess would go wrong until it’s too late. We are going to bring one of those situations to your attention to save you lots of time, money and sanity! Here at STOP Restoration (STOP Bridgeview, IL), something common that we see in a home is flooding in a basement or crawl space due to downspouts being directed towards your home versus away.

Please go outside and double check your downspout to avoid water damage in your home. If the downspout is facing your house or pointing straight to the ground you can buy an extender that attaches directly to it. It is a cheap, easy fix to a potentially disastrous problem! With something like this going unnoticed, one rain can cause water to enter into your home. Most commonly seen in basements and crawl spaces. However, Water damage may not be the only thing you’ll have to worry about. Another issue with water flowing through the downspout directly into the ground is settling of the structure of your home. What happens is that over time, the water will wear away the soil that is alongside your home. If you do get water in your home due to flooding from the downspout you may also have to worry about mold growth. Water damage can go unnoticed if a small amount is entering your home each time it rains. Mold will start to grow if the source of that problem is not fixed right away. Again, a simple solution is to purchase a downspout extender and redirect it away from your home so that the water from the gutters flows in the opposite direction of your basement and crawl space. If you do notice any mold growth or water damage in your basement or crawl space due to the downspout flooding your home give STOP Restoration (STOP Bridgeview, Illinois) a call at (708) 321-1000. We can get a technician out to your home right away to dry out your basement and prevent any other water damage. We have a certified water damage and mold remediation team ready to serve you in an emergency 24/7. We are here to help guide you every step of the way.

Along with the downspouts, you’ll want to make sure your gutters are always kept clear of any sticks, leaves and dirt so that the rain water has a place to flow. If you have your downspouts facing away from your home, but the water can’t get to it, you could still be left with a flooded basement or crawl space. The water will over flow above the gutters and fall along the side of your house. We especially need to be cautious of cleaning out the gutters during the fall when the leaves start to drop off the trees. These are a couple of simple tips to avoid a flooded basement leaving you with water damage or even worse, mold growth in your home. Remember to call STOP Restoration located in Bridgeview, IL to assist getting your home back together when you find yourself in a situation caused by water damage, mold growth, fire damage or smoke damage. STOP Restoration Bridgeview offers financing and works with all insurance companies as well to ensure that you don’t have to stress about how you are going to afford the cost of the mitigation or remediation work needing to be done. STOP Restoration Bridgeview serves all of the Chicagoland suburbs. Call us at (708) 321-1000 for any emergency restoration needs.