S.T.O.P Restoration’s Post-Fire Checklist

What to do After Fire Damage or Smoke Damage

Fire damage can devastate buildings of all kinds leaving their structures weakened, inner contents damaged, and owners at a loss for what to do next. If your home, office, or property has suffered fire or smoke damage, here are a few things to do before calling the professionals at S.T.O.P Restoration in Albuquerque, NM.

Check Your Insurance

Was your building insured for fire damage? The details on your insurance policy may shock you. Check with your insurance agent to make sure your policy reflects the coverage you want. We’re happy to work with many insurance companies to make sure your home or office can be properly restored after a fire.

File a Claim

This step can be difficult for homeowners who recently suffered from a house fire. But making a list of the items you lost can speed up the restoration process significantly. The sooner you file your losses report, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy your restored home, just the way it was.

Make Your Property Secure

Fire often leaves buildings exposed to the elements, vandalism, and even burglary. S.T.O.P Restoration can help you board up windows, doors, place tarps on the roof, and take the necessary precautions for your building. Make a note of exposed areas in your home so that securing it is a quick, painless process.

Call in The Pros

Once you’ve completed these tasks, it’s time to call your local restoration professionals at S.T.O.P Restoration. We have decades of experience restoring homes and offices from fire damage and smoke damage and we’ll be sure to take great care when working on your property. We follow all OSHA safety standards and restoration guidelines, including those set forth by the IICRC, to complete your job properly. S.T.O.P Restoration in Albuquerque, NM is your trusted, responsive ally for every restoration job. Don’t leave your home exposed to the world, call S.T.O.P Restoration to receive same-day, emergency restoration services.