Fire/Smoke Restoration/Safety Tips

Staying Safe During Fire Season

Fire season has begun, and many wildfires are already raging throughout the American Southwest. Fires are always devastating, whether it’s residential, commercial, or natural. If your home or business has suffered from fire damage, call S.T.O.P. Restoration right away. Our emergency team in Albuquerque, NM, works tirelessly to help guide you through the home restoration progress.

Fire and Smoke Damage Experts

Since 1971, the S.T.O.P Restoration has been helping clients recover from devastating disasters. We are the trusted name in restoration services with over four decades of experience, so you can trust we know what we’re doing with wildfire situations. We’re on-call around the clock, so you can reach us 24/7 if an emergency occurs. Our fast response time is the best in the industry, which is vital when you want to decrease further damage from a fire. We’ll be on the scene to inspect the damage and perform the following services:

  • Removing belongings, restoring them, and storing them while we work on your house.
  • Removing charred or burnt materials that cannot be salvaged has an engineer inspect the structural integrity.
  • Scraping, sanding, and sealing all salvageable burnt surfaces clean and restoring the building’s frame, siding, windows, roof, and doors.
  • Inspecting and restoring electrical, plumbing, and drywall paint surfaces.
  • Cleaning or reinstalling flooring.
  • Placing restored furniture, draperies, and other belongings.

Preparing for Disasters

The best way to avoid fires starting on your property is to be proactive. There are plenty of things you can do around your home or office to prepare for the fire season. Make sure loose brush or dry, flammable materials are cleared away. If you decide to have your trees trimmed, make sure any branches or limbs are disposed of properly. Last, pack an emergency bag packed for evacuation. If your home, office, or other property is damaged during fire season, call the team at S.T.O.P. Restoration Albuquerque for fire or smoke restoration.

On-Call 24/7 For Your Emergencies

We are dedicated to restoring residential homes and commercial businesses. For fire damage situations, we try to get to the scene as quickly as possible to limit the damage from flames, smoke, and soot. The longer your property is exposed, the more difficult it will be to restore. S.T.O.P. Restoration understands how important it is to restore, replace, and clean your properties promptly and professionally.

If a fire damages your property, the team at S.T.O.P. Restoration can help you restore your property quickly. We are on call around the clock so you can reach us 24/7 in an emergency. When you need the best restoration services in Albuquerque, NM, call us at (505) 892-3112.