Safe Christmas Decorations

Happy holidays from the S.T.O.P Restoration family to yours! We are excited that Christmas is less than a month away and would like to share some tips to help you safely decorate your home with Christmas lights. You may not realize it, but ensuring your Christmas lights are installed can help protect your home from fire hazards. Across the nation, Christmas light fires cause millions of dollars in damages and can ruin your family’s holiday festivities. That’s why we are here to offer some useful tips to ensure you can enjoy your holidays with peace of mind!

Unplug Lights at Night

We all love to leave our lights on and enjoy the beautiful color display, but it’s essential to recognize that leaving Christmas lights on for an extended time can expose your home to fire hazards. Christmas lights left on for a long time can overheat and spark a fire that can rapidly burn through your home. We recommend you always turn off your Christmas lights at night or whenever you leave the house. Other solutions include purchasing light timers for your Christmas lights or buying lights that can be turned off from an app on your phone. It’s a simple tip that gets overlooked during the holiday festivities but can easily save your home from fire damages.

Water Your Tree Regularly

One of the best parts of the holiday season is having the amazing scent of pine trees all over your home. It’s a treat that most of us get to enjoy during Christmas, but we must take good care of our trees while they are in our homes. As we already mentioned, Christmas lights can overheat and spark a fire if your tree is not well taken care of and dry. A dry tree serves as easy kindling for fires and increases your chances of sparking a fire with overheated Christmas lights. The best way to reduce your chances for fire hazards is by watering your tree regularly and preventing it from drying out. We also recommend families to purchase artificial Christmas trees, which are made from fire-resistant materials.

LED Lights

If you’ve had the same Christmas lights for many years now, you might consider buying new LED Christmas lights this year. Unlike traditional Christmas lights, LED lights don’t preserve as much heat, lowering the risk of fire dangers because of overheated lights. Data shows that most fires during the holiday season are sparked by overheated lights on Christmas trees, so switching to LED lights might be a good precautionary step to take this season. It’s a smart investment so your family can enjoy this holiday season peacefully.

At S.T.O.P Restoration, we are excited to see your safely installed Christmas lights this holiday season. Follow these easy steps to prevent unwanted fire damages. You can always count on the S.T.O.P Restoration team to assist you with any fire restoration projects. Call us today at (505) 892-3112 for 24/7 reliable restoration services.