Winterize Your Home

The wintertime can be great, but the warmer weather can be even better. Here at STOP Restoration, we absolutely adore the seasons, but we particularly love it when we finally get to sit outside again and enjoy the sun.

Even though the spring season can be great, it is also a time to de-winterize your home for the warmer months coming ahead! Make sure to check your gutters and to clean them out. Also, make sure that your roof is prepped and ready for the weather change.

We want you to have an absolutely amazing time during the upcoming warmer months instead of being worried about the state of your home. We know that the last thing you want to have to worry about is having clogged gutters and a leaky roof. That is why our team of professionals is here all season long to ensure that you can get the most out of those hot days in the sun!

Now is the time to get ready for those lovely summer months that you want to spend in the sun and un-winterize your home. We are passionate about getting your home ready for the summer! If you are in need of some much-needed restoration services or just want to have a regular inspection for damages, contact us today at (505) 892-3112 and we’ll be there before you know it!