Enjoy Your Ice Cream Sandwich Before It Melts!

Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day to all of our lovely customers! As you all know, here at STOP Restoration, we like to spread our knowledge about national days! Today happens to be National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, which we are not mad about at all!

The team at STOP Restoration absolutely loves ice cream sandwiches and never misses an opportunity to enjoy one, especially in this heat! We absolutely adore these frozen confections and we wanted to give you some fun facts about the history of ice cream sandwiches.

The history of ice cream sandwiches is kinda all over the place and it didn’t start off successful at all. After all, the first inventor of the ice cream sandwich used sponge cake, which was way too fragile and started melting right away! However, in 1945, Jerry Newberg discovered that the Graham cracker would be the perfect addition to ice cream, and he was right. After years of trial and error runs, Richard LaMotta was able to provide the perfect ice cream sandwich and he named it the chipwich.

As with almost everything in history, trial and error are truly the key to success. Over the years the chipwich has turned into the famous ice cream sandwich that people all over the world have come to adore. The team at STOP Restoration is certainly grateful for the inventions of Jerry Newberg and Richard LaMotta.

So, what is next? Now, it is time for you to enjoy a delicious ice cream sandwich before it melts because that is exactly what we, at STOP Restoration are going to do! If you are in need of our services this summer season, don’t hesitate to reach out. We have got your back!